One Rupee Coin 1888 India

One Rupee Coin 1888 India
One Rupee Coin 1888 India

One Rupee Coin 1888 India

1 Rupee Coin 1888is very old coin. 1 Rupee Coin 1888 is popular coin. 1 Rupee Coin 1888 is Victoria queen one rupee coin 1988. Sell old coin.
Face Value – 1 Rupee Coin, Victoria queen one rupee coin 1988
Year – 1888 – (1877-1901)
Country : – British – India
Color – Silver one rupee coin
Currency Type coin – British India coin
Currency – Rupee
Model Name – 1888 silver one rupee Victoria empress British india coin
coin type – rare coin
type – Standard Circulation Coin
Queen – Victoria
Weight – 11.6 Grams
Diameter – 30 mm
Shape – Round 
Edge Type – Smooth
monetization status – demonetization

About of 1 Rupee Coin 1888 

one rupee coin 1888 with the words one rupee India 1888 on the front side, and the profile of Queen Victoria on the reverse side, and the Victoria empress in capital letters on the side, this coin is mostly seen in silver color is. 

1 Rupee Coin 1888 Value 

Many Claims are made with 1 rupee coin 1888, that the people who have this Victoria coin 1888 coin. he can become a millionaire. no one knows in real you can hardly get any such money in real and old coin exhibition and you have many websites online, and where some of its prices are told, form where you all can also sell and buy you can too.
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