Old Coin Exhibition in Kolkata 2024 : 2 Lakh Rupees Biggest Exhibition

old coin exhibition in Kolkata

Old Coin Exhibition in Kolkata 2024 : Biggest Exhibition, If you also want to Sell your old notes and Coins, then India’s biggest old notes and coins fair is going on inside Kolkata in 2024. upcoming coin exhibition in kolkata 2024

In Kolkata, the biggest old notes and Coins fair of India. you will get to see big buyers from where you can earn millions of rupees or crores of rupees in just one minutes by contacting them directly and basing all your notes and Coins or you can become a millionaire or a millionaire in just one second. and for this your old notes and Coins. old coin exhibition in kolkata 2024 address. kolkata old coin buyer contact number, old coin dealers in kolkata

5 Rupees tractor note price 5 lakhs.

All are best opportunity for sell rare Currency coins & notes & inside one minute you can earn millions money. You will contact the buyer, all the information about the article, where you can take complete information from it. 

old coin exhibition in Kolkata 2024

Finally started knowledge for old coin and note. How to sell. How to earn money. 

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kolkata coin exhibition

annual conference and exhibition

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Old Coin buyer in Kolkata 2024

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Old coin price 2024

Old Coin Exhibition Show kolkata
Old Coin Exhibition Kolkata


Old coin exhibition show in Kolkata 2024.

Old 25 paise
Old 25 paise

old coin exhibition in Kolkata 2024

This picture is shown very old coin. This old coins is very high demand. Valuable old coin. Total 5 old paise/coin. And Different years note in old coins on front side. Old 25 paise coin on page draw. Gede photos. 25 paise wala dede Waal coins. 
Category :- old coin/Paise
Total Number :- 5 old coin.
Date/years :- 1900-2000.
Guys, only one Coins is very high demand. One coins rate – ₹6 Lakhs.
786 note price
786 note price
old coin exhibition in Kolkata 2024

Guys, Three one hundred old rupees different Seriel Number 786 note. 
* “786786” note rate as par old coin buyer/market – 4 Lakh. 
* “000786” note rate as per old coin buyer/market/coin Exhibition Show – 6 Lakh.
* “786000” note rate as per old coin buyer/market/coin Exhibition Show Government – 8 Lakh.
Old note
Old note
Guys pics send form my viewers. Different note show in this picture. 
Exm. – 5 rupees note, 10 rupees note, tractor note, 20 rupees note, 30 rupees note, 50 rupees note, 100 rupees note, agriculture note. And Different governor signs in this notes.
Value :- 3 lakh per note
Old tractor note
Old tractor note
In this picture. Old hundred rupees notes. 100 & 5 rupees tractor note. And guy’s hundred rupees notes governor Riguramji Rajan signs due to very very high demand on market value. All are best options that you are collect hundred rupees notes. Sell in market through this article. But this article is responsible 100%. But this article is given only knowledge and guide.
* Two hundred rupees notes :- value 2.5 Lakh one note. 
* One 5 rupees tractor note :- value 2.3 lakh one note.


Old note price
Old note price
In this post. Different variety 100 Rupees. Guys. This note is very old note. 50 rupees note 50 rupees total three note. And three note series number mention “786” this note is very high demand. 
Value :- 6 Lakhs.
Old coin Jawaharlal Nehru's
Jawaharlal Nehru old Coin


This Coin is make on Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. For your wishes & Jawaharlal Nehru’s is reminder. 1989 coin years. I am proud on Jawaharlal Nehru’s ji. I am big fan you. On your birthday. Whole people are reminder and give wishes. I know that you are wishes and reminder.
Category :- old notes, pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday.
Date/years :- 1989
Old 5 rupees Coins
Colour :- golden brown color.
Value/price :- 6 Lakhs
Old Vaishno Devi coin price
Old Vaishno Devi coin price
old coin exhibition in Kolkata 2024
In this picture three old coins, one two rupees old coins, old different old coins, one old coins small farmers, 


Category :- old Coins
Colour :- Two old coin ( Silver ) & one Coins ( golden ).
Value/price :- two silver value – 1-2 Lakhs, & golden old coin value :- 1-5 Lakhs.
Guys. Old coin Exhibition Show kolkata open every week ( only Sunday ). Time :- 09:30 to 18:00 etc. 
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old coin exhibition in Kolkata 2024
All guys, I hope, than in this article is your is very helpful. Read this article after youy knowledge is very high. 
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