Old 500 Rupee Note Value : ₹4 Lakh Rupee

Old 500 Rupee Note
Old 500 Rupee Note value

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Old 500 Rupee Note 

Dear Guys, We will find about of 500 Rupee Price, This Note is very popular on social media. and very very high demand on market/ International market & high valuable notes. high price of 500 Rupee note depends on category 500 rupee notes fancy number 786, 500 Rs note 786 price in India, new 500 Rs note 786 price, 500 rupee note 786 value, 786 note buyer contact number, how to sell 786 notes on OLX. this note is category ‘Rare Indian Currency’ &  ‘Rare note’.

Old 500 Rupee Note value
Old 500 Rupee Note value

500 rupee note value

Old 500 Rupee note banned in India. starting from midnight 8 November 2016 all ₹500 & ₹1000 banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi series note ceased to be a of legal tender after a television to India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. old Coin Buyer India.

indian 500 rupee note

This 500 Rupee Note With 786 Price was issued by the RBI, and it has the signature of different governors. There is a photo of Mahatma Gandhi on the front post. Both ₹500 and ₹1000 notes have Mahatma Gandhi’s photo, and the back post has a picture of a Dandi march with Mahatma Gandhi and some leaders. Friends, this coin looks yellow in appearance and is of colored color. 

500 rupee note image

This is an Indian currency old note. Because of Mahatma Gandhi’s photo on it and this 500 Rupee Note With 786 Price is very popular, and its market price is very high. If you happen to have even one, then the rumor played on Edge on social media in which the value of ₹ 500 note has been told in lakhs of rupees. Especially this type of notes always get its value in Old Coin Buyer in Old Coin Market. Even if the ₹ 500 note has fancy serial numbers, 786 100, you can still get a higher price for it. ₹ 500 note is somewhat old, and if it is miss printed then it is also returned by Reserve Bank of India.

Even if the governor has the signature of Raghuram ji Rajan especially, you get a higher price. 

I have 500 and 1000 knots, so by coming to you, you can send their price very much, I do it in friends.

You have got a lot of knowledge from this article and what are its prices, that too, if you want to sell these types of notes, then keep reading Jai Hind Jai Bharat. 

AS per Social Media News Old 500 Rupee Note Value – 10,000

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