500 Rupee Note 786 Price in India : 3 Lakh

500 Rupee note 786 price
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500 Rupee Note 786 Price

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it is new note of 500 rupee but this 500 rupee note, 786 price in India is very high. how ? dear guys, old note price, this note is mis printed by rbi bank. due to being miss printed, if this 500 rupee note is found in someone’s possession, then he can get lakhs of rupees in return for it. this 500 rupee note is not old, it has not been inclueded in the old notes category. but how can get more money in return, and why these 500 rupee note are so expensive,

Types of serial Number Notes

786 note direct buyer contact number
new 500 rs note 786 price
here you can see three different serial
Number notes of 500 rupee,
Serial number of first number – 940786
Serial number of second number – 022786
Serial number of third number – 087786
You have seen different serial numbers of 500 rupee note but all i am getting is 786 written to you.
Currency notes with 500 Rupee Note 786 Price, 786 serial number. due to this type of serial number in 500 rupee note, many people outside old coin buyer, old coin market, old coin exhibition and rbi take bank such notes by banks. and 786 which is a fancy serial number, due to which people who sell these notes to those who have them, them in return then get some decent money. and in todays date, these types of notes have a very high price in market.
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