2 Rupee National integration coin value : ₹7 Lakh Rupees

2 Rupee National integration coin
2 Rupee Coin Price
2 Rupee National integration coin value : ₹7 Lakh Rupee ! national integration 2 rupee coin value 2000, 2 rupee national integration rare coin price, 2 rupees national integration coin value, 2 rupee coin
2 Rupee National integration coin – 2 Rupee Coin Value is very high valuable and Most Expensive Coin. 2 Rupee Coin is very old coin. 2 Rupee Coin is very Popular on Social media platforms. 2 Rupees Regular issue Coin. Old coin price
About of 2 Rupee Coin :- 2 Rupee Regular Nritya Mudra Coin.
Year – 2007 to 2011
Colour – silver
Category – rare coin, old coin
Metal – FERRATIC Stainless Steel
Weight – 5.62 grams
Size – 27 mm
Face Value – 2 Rupee
Country – India
Type – Circulation Commemorative Coin

2 Rupee National integration coin Value

Symbol of Ashoka stambha between two horizontal line
Top Side – India In Hindi and English
Bottom Side – Rupees in Hindi and English
Hasta Mudra – hand gesture from the dance Bharata Natyam
Indian Republic 2 Rupee Coin

Issue :- louis Brallier

Mints Mark OF 2 Rupee coin
Kolkata, Calcutta, India
Bombay, Mumbai
Grade – UNC-UN USD, XXF Superfine, Very Fine

2 Rupee old Coin Value

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