1000 Rupee Note 1937 | 1000 Rupee Note | Old 1000 Rupee Note

1000 Rupee Note
1000 Rupee Note

1000 Rupee Note 1937 | 1000 Rupee Note | Old 1000 Rupee Note

This 1000 Rupee Note is very old Note. 1000 Rupee Note is most popular & Most Expensive Note. 1000 Rupee Note is most valuable Notes. old Coin Price.
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1. 1000 Rupee Note 1937

Year – 1937 
Denomination – 1000 Rupees
Face Colour – Lilac, Violet and Green
Face Type – King George VI at right Signature J.B. Taylor.
Back Type – Mountain scene.
Watermark – King George VI Emperor.

2. 1000 Rupee Note | Old 1000 Rupee Note

1000 Rupee Note

Description of Old 1000 Rupee Note

The Indian 1000 Rupee Banknote was a denomination of the Indian Rupee. It was First Introduced by the reverse bank of India in 1938 under British Rule and subsequently demonetized in 1946. Post-Independence, The Denomination was re-introduced in 1954 in January 1978. All High Denomination Banknotes of 1000 Rupee , 5000 Rupee and 10,000 Rupee were demonetized in order to curb unaccurated cash money.
In order to contain the volume of banknotes in circulation due to inflation. the 1000 Rupee banknotes was again re-introduced in November 2000, under the government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, as a part of the Mahatma Gandhi series of banknotes, these were demonetized on currency and to fight corruption and black money in India.
Bank issue – Reserve Bank Of India
Serial Number – 875786
Governor Signature – yv reddy governor
1000 Rupee Note 
Value – 1000 Rupee
Width – 177 mm
Height – 73 mm
Security – Security Thread, latent image,
Features – micro-lettering, intaglio print, fluorescent ink, optically variable ink, watermark, and see through registration device.
material – sepical variety of cotton, linen,
used – abaca and fiber
years of printing – November 2000 – November 2016
Observe Old 1000 Rupee Note
Design – Mahatma Gandhi
Design – 2000 Rupee
Reverse Old 1000 Rupee Note
Design – Economy of India
Design – 2000 Rupee
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